Today– A telephone call from your sweetheart may draw out your energetic, sentimental side today, Virgo. You’ll presumably have a considerable measure to do, and in this way not have the capacity to meet with him or her until late. All signs demonstrate that the experience will be justified regardless of the pause. You ought to be particularly sensitive to your accomplice at this moment. You may know intuitively what they require from you now. Get some new garments, and appreciate!

weekly-As lively Jupiter turns retrograde midweek, and remains so until July 10, it could encourage you to review a recent deal or conversation and any promises made. At the same time, interactive Mercury and delightful Venus move into Aries and a more intense sector of your chart, and this could inspire you to let go of any plans that no longer serve you. Old associations that seem to have passed their sell-by date can also be released if you feel it’s a good idea. Only go ahead if your instincts tell you to.

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