Today – Your people person wings are going to get a genuine exercise, Aquarius. From today until May 13, loquacious Mercury takes an expanded turn through Aries, your third place of correspondence and neighborhood movement. Your logbook can top off rapidly with fun solicitations, particularly ones with a scholarly contort. Exhibition openings, captivating addresses, DIY classes or wine samplings: Follow your interest and test them all. It’s fine to dally or to take an “attempt before you purchase” approach. Propel arrangement alarm: Mercury will be retrograde from March 22 to April 15, so get any organizations and arrangements fixed before at that point, or hold up until after to ink anything—including that wrist tattoo.

Weekly– You’re winning the prevalence challenge (once more!), Aquarius. You have occasions in abundance to look over this end of the week, as Mercury flashes through your active third house. Individuals may even be going after your consideration, however don’t overextend yourself. Vitality vampires and show rulers have no place at your gathering. With Saturn charging Saturday’s associations, you could meet the Mary Kate to your Ashley. Be that as it may, don’t rush to pronounce this individual your “spirit twin.” You’ll require somewhat more time to ensure the association is genuine. On Sunday, a renewing Mars-Uranus trine could rouse you to wander into another group of friends or interface with some innovative related spirits


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